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DURING THE CURRENT closure of the campus libraries, LLR is making additional electronic resources available for off-campus access by staff and students.

This material is a mixture of content that publishers are making openly available to Higher Education institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic, and materials that the library has been able to licence paid-access to for a time-limited period.

The current full list of additional resources is available from the dedicated Find Databases link

More resources are being added to list as new access arrangements are finalised.

Each of these resources has been added to the relevant subject sub-categories in the Find Databases service, and can be identified by the New temporary resource icon show below.

New temporary resource icon


Sage journals – intermittent sign in issues off campus

Currently there is an issue with accessing Sage journal articles off campus.  When using Chrome and Firefox browsers some attempts to sign in result in an error message.  IE11 appears to be unaffected at present.

As this appears to be an intermittent issue following attempts to sign in via Chrome and Firefox may work.  The cause of the problem is under investigation.

sage sign in error page

New titles from the Sage Knowledge EBA collection

More than 450 new titles from the Sage Knowledge EBA collection have recently been added to Library OneSearch. Access to these new titles is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. Titles include the following:

Sage Knowledge

Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) eBook project enters selection phase

The library’s current Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) eBook project, which involved making tens of thousands of new eBook titles available for customer discovery in Library OneSearch, has entered its selection phase (during which the library decides which titles will be bought outright in perpetuity, and which will be withdrawn from the collection). This selection process has begun, following the conclusion of the discovery phase of the project at the end of April.

While final selections are agreed, the following sets of eBook titles have been suspended from discovery in Library OneSearch:

  • Bloomsbury (2,013 titles)
  • Cambridge University Press (30,391 titles)
  • Sage (4,306 titles)
  • Oxford Scholarship Online (11,812 titles)

EBA eBook titles which have been added to resource lists during the discovery phase should still continue to be accessible through the links provided in the RLMS.

Once title selections have been confirmed for each provider, the purchased titles will updated and made discoverable once again in Library OneSearch.

The Wiley EBA package (consisting of 17,879 titles) will continue to be active until the end of May.

Sage Knowledge eBook Collection: accessible again

Following the interruption in access on the Sage Knowledge eBook Collection reported yesterday, Sage has restored the access to the 4,300 eBook titles in the library’s collection. Access to all subscribed titles in the collection is once again direct on-campus, and by university username and password from off-campus.

The Sage Knowledge platform has improved the handling of deep-linking through institutional login since the library first provided a walkthrough of each step of the process in March 2015. The revised off-campus login process is now as follows:

In the top-right hand corner of the screen, click on the Institution button (see illustration below):

Sage Knowledge eBook platform - off-campus login - March 2016 - step one

In the pop-up that then loads, do not enter your username or password in the ‘Institutional Login’ boxes, but instead click on the Shibboleth link in the ‘Other Login Options’ section (see illustration below):

Sage Knowledge eBook platform - off-campus login - March 2016 - step two

On the ‘Shibboleth Login’ page that then loads, select Nottingham Trent University from the drop-down list, to direct the browser to the ‘NTU Single Sign-on’ page (see illustration below).

Sage Knowledge eBook platform - off-campus login - March 2016 - step three

After logging in successfully, your browser will be returned to the Sage Knowledge eBook platform; and to the same page on which your login request began: in other words, deep-linking to the eBook title level (which was not previously supported for off-campus visitors) now works first time.

Sage Knowledge eBook Collection: access currently unavailable

Access to all 4,300 eBook titles in the library’s Sage Knowledge eBook Collection is currently unavailable due to administrative problems affecting the Sage Knowledge platform.

At present, links from Sage Knowledge eBook titles in Library OneSearch resolve to the Sage Knowledge home page; while searches on the Sage Knowledge platform return results lists in which none of the titles are accessible in full-text.

The library is working with Sage to restore access to these titles as soon as possible, and a further update will follow once access has been restored.

Sage Knowledge eBook collection

As part of the continuing growth of the ‘Your Books, More Books’ service, just over 4,300 new eBook titles from Sage Knowledge are now discoverable in Library OneSearch. Example titles include:

Access to all subscribed titles in the collection is direct on-campus, and by university username and password from off-campus. At present, support for the Shibboleth protocol on the Sage Knowledge platform is limited, so we are unable to incorporate authentication-aware direct title-level deep-links in the Library OneSearch records for customers accessing Sage Knowledge titles from off-campus.

As a consequence, the current off-campus experience when logging in to the first Sage Knowlege book in a collection involves several steps (which are documented below). The library is continuing to impress on Sage the need to improve this far from seamless off-campus experience, and further updates will be provided as and when this element of the service offer improves. The current walkthrough for off-campus access is as follows:

Sage Knowledge - eBook - select 'Login'

Follow the Online link from Library OneSearch, and on the Summary page for the requested title select the login option (see above).

Sage Knowledge - eBook - select 'Login via institution'

On the login pop-up which displays, select Login via your institution (see above).

Sage Knowledge - eBook - 'Select institution'

From the Please select your institution list locate ‘Nottingham Trent University’ and click on the Go to Login button (see above). On the NTU Single Sign-on page, enter your university username and password and log in.

Sage Knowledge - eBook - NTU login confirmed

Your browser will be returned to the homepage of the Sage Knowledge platform (and not to the individual eBook record). In the top-right hand corner of the screen, the display of ‘Nottingham Trent University’ will confirm that the login request has been processed successfully.

Sage Knowledge - eBook - NTU login confirmed

Return the brower to the tab or page containing the display of results from Library OneSearch and click on the View Online link for a second time. This will return the display in your browser of the Sage Knowledge platfom to the authenticated full-text of the requested eBook, with the display of the Nottingham Trent University logo in the top right-hand of the screen confirming that a current logged-in session is active.

Subsequent requests from Library OneSearch to Sage Knowledge titles (in the same off-campus session) will resolve to the authenticated full-text at the title level.

New resource: Sage (Premier 2014)

Access to the number of full-text journals available to library customers through the Sage ejournal platform has risen to almost 700 with the activation of the Sage (Premier 2014) collection. Access to all titles in this collection is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. These titles are already discoverable through the SFX ejournal A-Z and will be findable through Library OneSearch searches shortly.

Full-text availability for a proportion of titles in this extended collection map to the library’s existing Sage ‘backfile’ holdings (see illustrated example below).

Sage (Premier 2014)

New resource: Humanities and Social Science (HSS) backfile package

Access to the full-text of more than 300 journals included in the Humanities and Social Science (HSS) backfile package from Sage have been enabled in SFX and harvested and indexed in Library OneSearch.

Journals in the collection are indicated as available in full-text from ‘Sage (HSS Backfile 2013)’.

Access to all titles in the archive (which normally provide full-text access up to the end of 1998) is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Sage ejournals – now an SFX source

The Sage ejournals platform is now operating as an SFX ‘source’ as well as ‘target’ (meaning that it’s possible to send metadata to SFX to try to find a match; as well as to be sent from SFX to Sage when SFX has found a match on the Sage site).

From any individual article listing, click on the References link (see illustration below) to bring up a list of article references:

Sage outbound OpenURL linking - 01

From that list of references, a Find it @ NTU SFX button will appear next to any individual reference when certain criteria are reached (see illustration below):

Sage outbound OpenURL linking - 02

At present, such links are only offered where a reference includes a Digital Object Identier (DOI) – which is a significant functional limitation.