Journal Citation Reports access URL updated

Journal Citation Reports

THE DIRECT ACCESS URL for the Journal Citation Reports service has been updated in the Find Databases service to reflect changes introduced to the Clarivate platform.

Access to JCR continues to be by university username and password from both on-campus and off-campus.

Problems affecting the Web of Knowledge service

Following a series of upgrades on the Web of Knowledge platform (to support the migration to a new WoK interface), unanticipated technical problems are affecting the service.

Thomson ISI-MIMAS advise:

“We are currently experiencing performance issues with Web of Knowledge access, search and navigation. Our technical staff is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.”

For most off-campus customers, Shibboleth based authentication (using a university username and password) is unavailable, either through eSearch or direct in the WoK interface.

The affected services are:

* Arts and Humanities Citation Index
* BIOSIS Previews (Web of Science)
* Journal Citation Reports
* Science Citation Index
* Social Science Citation Index
* Web of Knowledge
* Web of Science (with Conference Proceedings)

Service alerts have been added to all of these resources in eSearch. A further update will follow once these service problems are confirmed as resolved

Library Catalogue – SFX, eSearch and other search connections

The LLR web site and NOW Library Catalogue search widgets have been confirmed as retrieving results from the upgraded v.20 of ALEPH on its new sever. Search connections from eSearch and SFX are also now configured to connect correctly, as do remote searches from RefWorks, Ulrich’s, Journal Citation Reports and a number of other external services.

Web of Knowledge / Web of Science service problems

MIMAS have confirmed that that there is currently a service problem affecting native interface searches in the Web of Knowlege and Web of Science platform. They report:

Please note there are problems with the service and Thomson Reuters are investigating as a matter of urgency. Our apologies to those users affected.

The affected services are:

  • Web of Knowledge
  • Web of Science
  • ISI Proceedings
  • Journal Citation Reports

Searches are frequently timing out or running very slowly, and screens within the interface are often not rendering or displaying properly. Remote searches and metasearching of enabled resources in eSearch are running normally, but links through from eSearch to the record in the native Web of Science interface are affected by the same problems.

eServices will update once MIMAS release more details.

Journal Citation Reports: Library Catalogue search

From within the Full View of a journal record on the ISI Web of Knowledge Journal Citation Reports, it is now possible to run an ISSN search directly on the LLR library catalogue. To activate the search, click on Go button next to the link in the bottom right-hand quarter of the screen (see illustration below).