Secure off-campus access to ISURV enabled in Library OneSearch

Secure off-campus access to the ISURV platform has been enabled in the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch. While on-campus access remains direct, off-campus access is now through university username and password (using the secure link provided in LOS). Access URLs and details have been updated in the records in Library OneSearch.

isurv platform

Access to isurv re-enabled

Access to the isurv service in eSearch, which had been temporarily unavailable, has now been re-enabled. Access remains direct on-campus, and by university username and password from off-campus (using Shibboleth/eZproxy).

As the nature of NTU’s subscription to the service has changed, the message which displays to a logged in NTU staff member or student has changed to the following: “Hello, RICS East region universities – you are signed in” (see illustration below). This message previously referred to ‘Nottingham Trent University’).


This change has been necessitated now that NTU’s subscription costs to the service are being met directly by RICS (as part of a wider agreement with other universities) and that LLR’s previous paid-for subscription has been suspended.

isurv – new platform and authentication methods

The isurv service has migrated to a new, updated platform (which includes the 2008 edition of the ‘Red Book’), and links in eSearch have been updated accordingly. On-campus access to isurv (which was previously by specific username and password) is now direct; off-campus access (by NTU domain, username and password) will be available shortly. The previous entry for isurv on the ‘Other Passwords’ page is therefore now redundant and will be withdrawn shortly.