Studies on Women and Gender Abstracts – through InformaWorld

Links in eSearch to the Studies on Women and Gender Abstracts service have been updated to reflect the integration of the service in the InformaWorld platform. Access to the service is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

New Shibboleth guide in eServices Support wiki

Guides to using Shibboleth authentication on the ACS – American Chemical Society and InformaWorld ejournal platforms have been added to the eServices Support wiki.

New ejournal platform: Informa Healthcare

Following the recent re-organisation of content on the InformaWorld platform, access to several electronic journals previously available through InformaWorld have been migrated to the Informa Healthcare site. An example of such a title is: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics. Access to subscribed content on the Informa Healthcare platform is direct on-campus and by university username and password (using Shibboleth) from off-campus. A guide to accessing the service using Shibboleth has been added to the eServices Support wiki.

Informaworld – Shibboleth authentication

Shibboleth authentication has been enabled for all ejournals on the Informaworld platform. At present the off-campus access to Informaworld titles supported by LLR is through a Shibbolized eZproxy connection, but in the new year authentication will be migrated to a fully Shibboleth compliant login. This changeover will mean that customers can login to Informaworld in the platform’s native interface rather than only through the special eZproxy links provided in eSearch and SFX. For the time being, customers in the native interface of Informaworld can click on the ‘Shibboleth’ login link (see illustration below) and select Nottingham Trent University from the WAYF (Where Are You From?) page.

ejournal and eBook records to be added to ‘live’ ALEPH this week

During the course of this week, changes will be made to ‘live’ ALEPH to enable ejournal and eBooks to be made discoverable through the OPAC. There may be some very short interruptions in the OPAC service (lasting only a few seconds) while these changes are enacted. Initially, changes to the look of the OPAC record display (identical to those trialled in ‘test’ ALEPH) will be replicated in ‘live’ ALEPH, and eBook and ejournal records will then be loaded and indexed.

All SFX delivered ejournals and eBrary eBook records should be available through the ‘live’ OPAC by the end of the week, with records for Taylor & Francis, Knovel and other eBook providers available shortly after. Updates will be provided as the process progresses.

Informaworld – article level SFX linking coming soon

Ex Libris and Informaworld are completing technical updates which should enable article-level linking via SFX to be activated in the coming weeks. As previously advised, links to Informaworld titles via SFX resolve only to the journal level at present. Ex Libris indicate that the enhanced article-level links should be available in March.