The issues with accessing content from EBSCOhost have been resolved


The issues affecting access to content from EBSCOhost, from both on-campus and off-campus, have been resolved.


SPORTDiscus with Full Text accessible once again

Access to the SPORTDiscus with Full Text service on the EBSCOhost platform, which was confirmed to be temporarily unavailable on Friday (30 June 2017), has now been restored.

Access to SPORTDiscus with Full Text is available once again through Library OneSearch and access to the full-text content of the publications in the collection is available once more through SFX.

EBSCOhost - SPORTDiscus with full-text

SPORTDiscus with Full Text currently inaccessible

Access to the SPORTDiscus with Full Text service on the EBSCOhost platform is currently unavailable to Libraries and Learning Resources’ customers. Requests to either the article level (through SFX) or to the database level (through Library OneSearch) are resolving to the EBSCOhost homepage (which does not list SPORTDiscus with Full Text as an option). A further update will follow once access is confirmed as restored.

EBSCOhost - SPORTDiscus with full-text

Upgraded resource: SPORTDiscus now with full-text

The Library’s subscription to the SPORTDiscus abstract and indexing database has now been upgraded to provide full-text content for more than 700 titles in the SPORTDiscus With Full-Text collection. Access remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Access to the A&I version of SPORTDiscus will continue to be available until April. Full-text titles have been activated in the SFX service and will be added to the indexed inventory of the library’s electronic journal collection shortly.

EBSCOhost - SPORTDiscus with full-text

UPDATE, 20 APRIL 2017: Access to the A&I version of SPORTDiscus has been withdrawn from Library OneSearch, with SPORTDiscus – with Full Text now presented by default. This has also been replicated in the EBSCOhost interface.

Find Databases: resource review (September 2016)

Find Databases - Library OneSearch
Following a detailed review by the Research Support and Learning and Teaching teams, a number of changes have been made to the list of resources made available through the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch (which will also be reflected, later today, in searches in the ‘All’ search tab of LOS). The changes are detailed below:


  • AEI (Australian Education Index)
  • arlis.net
  • Bankscope
  • British Library Sounds
  • Child Development and Adolescent Studies
  • Construction Information Service
  • CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) Online Publications
  • FAME
  • Family Law Online
  • Information Asset Register
  • Interior Internet
  • Mintel
  • MyiLibrary
  • NBS Educator
  • NBS TV
  • Passport (formerly Passport GMID)
  • Planning portal
  • PoliticsHome
  • Westlaw


  • Biosciences Image Bank
  • biz/ed
  • Epistemelinks
  • LexisPSL
  • Women’s Studies
  • WWW Virtual Library: Archnet

If you’d like any further information about the specific changes that have been made to any of the resources listed above, please get in touch.

EBSCOhost – linking issues affecting SFX

EBSCO have just launched some unannounced changes to the way that EBSCOhost processes link requests from SFX (and other OpenURL resolvers) which are resulting in error messages and failed connections for some full-text requests on the EBSCOhost platform.

Ex Libris are in active discussions with EBSCO and, once the changes have been documented and understood, Ex Libris will design, package and release fixes for the EBSCOhost linking logic for SFX. The library will then need to deploy the updated parsers to SFX to resolve the problem.

A further update will follow once as this process is completed, but, until the fixes are in place, a larger proportion of EBSCOhost link requests from SFX than normal will result in errors. For the majority of full-text content on the EBSCOhost platform it is possible to copy and share an authentication-aware ‘permalink’ which will provide a persistent deep-link to full-text outcomes.