Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts: radio clip functionality restored

Box of Broadcasts - screenshots of a radio clip view

THE ABILITY TO create, save, play back and share audio clips on the Box of Broadcasts platform has been restored following a recent maintenance upgrade.

Problems affecting the ‘radio clip’ feature were first reported last year, but have now been confirmed by the Learning on Screen service as fully resolved.


Box of Broadcasts – scheduled maintenance – 30 November 2018

A scheduled system maintenance period for the Box of Broadcasts platform will begin Friday 30 November 2018 between 07:00 and 10:00. The provider advises that the service should be considered ‘at risk’ during these times.

BoB - new platform

Box of Broadcasts – access reinstated

ACCESS TO THE Box of Broadcasts service, which was lost at the end of last month due to a technical problem that was causing authentication requests to fail, has now been reinstated.

Access to BoB is available once more on-campus and off-campus by university username and password.

BoB - new platform

Box of Broadcasts – login issues

THE LIBRARY IS working with colleagues in Information Systems and external providers to reinstate access to the Box of Broadcasts service, access to which is currently unavailable on-campus and off-campus.

Attempts to log in to the service using a university username and password resolve to an error page.

A further update will follow once access to Box of Broadcasts is confirmed as working normally once more.

BoB - new platform