Author: Resource Discovery and Innovation Team Manager

Access links updated for the Lawtel service

THE ON-CAMPUS AND off-campus access links to the Lawtel platform have been updated in the Find Databases service, ahead of the hosting changes that Thomson Reuters are implementing tomorrow (Saturday 9 November 2019).

The Lawtel service from Thomson Reuters

On-campus access remains direct; with off-campus access requiring a university username and password.

Those accessing the service from off-campus for the first time will have to complete a brief one-off registration process (see illustration below).

The Lawtel one-time registration form

Box of Broadcast – at risk 12:00-13:00 8 November 2019


The Box of Broadcasts (BoB) service is undergoing “emergency maintenance” today (Friday 8 November 2019) between 12:00 and 13:00. Please consider the service “at risk” during these times.

Construction Information Service – off-campus access restored

THE PREVIOUSLY REPORTED issue preventing off-campus access to the Construction Information Service – off-campus access has now been resolved.

Off-campus access to the service is once again available via university username and password.

Off-campus access links in the Find Databases service to the LACORS and OHSIS databases have also been updated to ensure continuity of access.

The Construction Information Services platform

Construction Information Service – off-campus access unavailable

THE LIBRARY IS working with the suppliers of the Construction Information Service platform to restore off-campus access to the service. At present off-campus access is unavailable; although on-campus access has not been affected.

A further update will follow once off-campus access to the CIS platform is confirmed to be restored and working normally.

The Construction Information Services platform

New resource: BFI Player, Free collection

ACCESS TO THE Free collection of archival multimedia content on the new BFI Player platform has been enabled in the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch.

Access to the Free collection is unrestricted from on-campus and off-campus. The resource is described as follows:

BFI Player is a video on-demand streaming service – from the British Film Institute (BFI) – showing critically acclaimed, landmark and archive films. The Free archive films collection highlights the best shorts and features of the BFI National Archive as well as UK national, regional and partner archives. BFI Player films can be played on: PCs, Macs, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), Android mobile and tablet devices and selected smart TVs. At present, only content in the Free collection is available to Nottingham Trent University students and staff.

BFI Player - Free collection

Withdrawn resource: British Film Institute (BFI) InView

THE BRITISH FILM Institute (BFI) InView multimedia streaming platform has been withdrawn from the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch following the suspension of the service at the end of the current licensing period.

While future options in relation to subscription content on the new BFI Player service are reviewed, access to the Free collection on the BFI Player platform has been enabled in the Find Databases service.

British Film Institute - BFI - InView

MIT Press Journals – Shibboleth authentication activated

OFF-CAMPUS ACCESS to subscribed journals on the MIT Press Journals platform is now available by university username and password. On-campus access continues to be direct.

If accessing from off-campus, select the Sign In/Register option from the top navigation menu (see below).

MIT Press Journals - sign in

On the Login to your account page, select the Institutional Login option (see below).

MIT Press Journals - institutional login

On the Select Your Institution page, enter ‘Nottingham Trent University’ in the search box and click on the entry for ‘Nottingham Trent University’ under the heading UK Higher Education (see below).

MIT Press Journals - choose institution

After you have logged in on the NTU Single Sign on page, you will be returned as a logged in user to the MIT Press Journals platform. Confirmation that your login has been successful, is provided by the presence of the NTU logo and the phrase ‘Access provided by Nottingham Trent University’ in the MIT Press Journals page header (see below).

MIT Press Journals - access provided by Nottingham Trent University