The issues with accessing content from EBSCOhost have been resolved


The issues affecting access to content from EBSCOhost, from both on-campus and off-campus, have been resolved.


Oxford Handbooks Online e-books- unable to download chapters – resolved

Oxford University Press have now resolved the issue of certain chapters from their e-books not downloading.

The PDF generator was timing out before delivering the pdf which resulted in the error message.


Chrome PDF error message

e-Duke Journals Scholarly Expanded Collection – off campus access issues

There is still currently an off campus sign-in problem for Highwire Press e-Duke Journals Scholarly Expanded Collection.

The technical team at Duke University Press have now restored Nottingham Trent University to the UK Access institution list, however choosing this option and signing in reloads the journals home page rather than the article page.

Once the original article is rediscovered full text access is enabled.

The technical team at Duke University Press are still investigating this issue.

**Update 15 June 2018 – sign in issues now fully resolved.  After a successful sign in the article page is returned with full text access.**

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