Withdrawn resource: CAB Abstracts

Access to the CAB Abstracts service has been withdrawn from eSearch following the conclusion of LLR’s current subscription to the resource (on 31 July 2010).

EmeraldInsight platform changes

Remote searching and metasearching of the Emerald service in eSearch has been temporarily disabled pending the release of a new search configuration by Ex Libris. Direct access to content on the EmeraldInsight platform is available as normal.

BIOSIS Previews – access configuration updated

An issue preventing some access requests to BIOSIS Previews in eSearch from resolving correctly has now been corrected. All requests to BIOSIS Previews now resolve appropriately to the Web of Knowledge portal. Remote and metasearching of BIOSIS Previews is also now working consistently in eSearch.

New resource: WikiVet

Access to the WikiVet database has been enabled in eSearch. Access is unrestricted on-campus and off-campus, but registration is required on the site. The resource is described as follows:

Access to the WikiVet is free but you will need to register with a valid email address. Registration is free and is available to veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary nurses and academic staff at veterinary schools in any country

WikiVet is a collaborative initiative between the UK Vet Schools to develop a comprehensive online peer-reviewed knowledge database. It includes in-depth articles on the following subjects: anatomy and physiology; clinical diseases; haematology and immunology; pathology; pharmacology; parasitology. It also contains images and videos to support learning and teaching and revision aids such as quizzes and flashcards.