BUFVC (British Universities Film and Video Council) services – Shibboleth authentication now active

On-campus and off-campus access to the TRILT (Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching) and TVTiP TV Times Project 1955-1985 services from the BUFVC has been migrated from Athens to Shibboleth, and links in eSearch have been updated accordingly. Athens authentication to BUFVC services is no longer available. More detailed information, along with an illustrated walkthrough has been added to the relevant section of the eServices support wiki.

HeinOnline: technical difficulties resolved

The technical difficulties experienced by the HeinOnline legal database service earlier in the week have now been resolved. HeinOnline reports that their “systems have returned to normal and are functioning at full capacity.” Please contact eServices if you experience any continuing difficulties with access or functionality.

Authentication changes: IHS database services

On-campus and off-campus authentication to the IHS database services has changed, and links in eSearch have been updated accordingly. On-campus access to The Construction Information Service, OHSIS (Occupational Health and Safety Information Service) and Trading Standards Specialist is now direct; and off-campus access is via university username and password. Athens authenticated access to these services is no longer available at present.

These arrangements have been agreed with IHS as an interim arrangement to enable access to these services while the company’s work to support the new Shibboleth framework is completed. Once IHS is Shibboleth-compliant, off-campus access will continue to be by university username and password; while on-campus access may also then require a university username and password (i.e. no longer be direct). eServices will provide updates on this as IHS concludes its work to support Shibboleth.

HeinOnline: technical difficulties

The HeinOnline legal database service is experiencing technical difficulties at present, which its engineers are working to correct. HeinOnline report that:

During the interim, you may experience slow load times and/or delays in HeinOnline. You may also experience difficulty searching, resulting in search errors. Continue to check back and rerun your search query.

eServices will update, once HeinOnline has confirmed the resolution of these problems.

Clean-up and archive of legacy LLR web pages

Over the remainder of this week, eServices will be working to withdraw from LLR’s web server ‘Shelob’ old-style LLR web pages which have long since been withdrawn from service. These pages all predate the current LLR web site and are not linked to from anywhere within the LLR site, ALEPH, eSearch, SFX, the IRep or the VLE. The only (unintentional) access route to these withdrawn pages has been through the Google search box embedded in top-right of the university’s web page template. These defunct pages will shortly disappear from the results lists of Google searches, but in the meantime clicking on the entry for a withdrawn page in a Google results lists will return a ‘page not found’ response.

eServices is retaining an off-line archive of all of the withdrawn pages, should any LLR colleagues need to refer back to their contents in future.

This process will have no effect whatsoever on the live LLR web site.

Resource platform change: IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences)

LLR’s access to IBSS is now provided through the EBSCOhost platform, and eSearch linkages have been updated accordingly. Access to the resource is direct on-campus and by Athens username and password off-campus. IBSS can be remote searched and metasearched in eSearch.

Bentham Open Access journals

Access to 166 free-to-view ejournals from the Bentham Open Access collection has been enabled in SFX. Titles in the collection cover the disciplines of science, technology and medicine. Individual catalogue records for these titles will be added the Library Catalogue during the next round of e-record loading.