Kanopy – new video content discoverable in Library OneSearch

More than 1600 new titles from the Kanopy streaming video service are now discoverable in Library OneSearch, following a recent upload of new materials. Access to streaming content on the Kanopy platform is by university username and password. New content ranges across a wide array of subject matter, and includes titles such as:

Kanopy - streaming video

Science Direct off-campus access issues

The technical team at Elsevier are currently investigating some issues with Science Direct and off-campus access log in errors.

The Sign in option to the top right of the screen will return a user back to the Science Direct home page rather than the content they were trying to access.

Until they resolve this issue, use the Sign in option at the bottom of the summary page of the content you are trying to access. Using this route will avoid the current authentication redirect problem.

Science Direct - sign-in issue - August 2017

SPORTDiscus with Full Text accessible once again

Access to the SPORTDiscus with Full Text service on the EBSCOhost platform, which was confirmed to be temporarily unavailable on Friday (30 June 2017), has now been restored.

Access to SPORTDiscus with Full Text is available once again through Library OneSearch and access to the full-text content of the publications in the collection is available once more through SFX.

EBSCOhost - SPORTDiscus with full-text

Off-campus access using eZproxy and updates to third-party web sites

The eZproxy authentication framework enables the library to provide secure off-campus access to subscription-based third-party resources for providers who are unable to support the Shibboleth protocol. We have encountered an issue over the last few months that has led to the loss of off-campus to a number of such resources. This is the result of those third-party web platforms moving their entire site across from ‘http:’ to the more secure ‘https:’ protocol. This causes a key component of the exchange between the university’s eZproxy server and the third party site to fail.

The solution to this issue is an upgrade to the eZproxy server, an enhancement that colleagues in IS are preparing to deploy to the production environment once testing has successfully completed.

The resources currently affected by this problem are:

  • BCIS
  • Elgar Online
  • isurv
  • New Left Review

In addition, it is currently not possible for for students to register new accounts on the WGSN service from off-campus. The library is able to register new accounts for students who are off-site and have details of their registration emailed to them. Once registration has completed, off-campus access to WGSN is available.

A further update will follow once the upgrade to eZproxy has been deployed and access to these services is confirmed as restored.

code fragment

SPORTDiscus with Full Text currently inaccessible

Access to the SPORTDiscus with Full Text service on the EBSCOhost platform is currently unavailable to Libraries and Learning Resources’ customers. Requests to either the article level (through SFX) or to the database level (through Library OneSearch) are resolving to the EBSCOhost homepage (which does not list SPORTDiscus with Full Text as an option). A further update will follow once access is confirmed as restored.

EBSCOhost - SPORTDiscus with full-text