eBrary PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) period concludes

The eBrary Patron Driven Acquisition period (which began in June 2012) has now concluded. The metadata records of all titles which were purchased during the PDA period have been updated in Library OneSearch (and in the Aleph client) with the indicator: “This eBook has been purchased from the eBrary PDA collection”.

All non-purchased eBrary PDA titles have been removed from Library OneSearch and marked as ‘suppressed’ in Aleph. These non-acquired titles will be removed from Aleph completely, once this list has been cross-checked against current Resource Lists (and any eBrary PDA titles added to resource lists which did not reach the trigger threshold for acquisition during the PDA period have been reviewed).

eBrary Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) titles – request option reactivated

The issue preventing the purchase of eBrary PDA titles, reported on 12 December 2012, has now been resolved.

Purchase requests for PDA titles on the eBrary platform are now being accepted normally in line with the configuration of the PDA plan and profile.

eBrary Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) titles – request option inactive

LLR is working with eBrary to reinstate full-text access to not-yet-purchased titles in the current eBrary PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) collection in Library OneSearch.

At present, titles which have not yet been purchased are only available in ‘Preview’ mode (see illustration below of the prompt which currently appears in the user interface for affected titles)

A further update will follow once PDA activation on the eBrary platform has been reactivated.

eBrary PDA titles now accessible in Library OneSearch

A total of 3855 eBrary PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) eBook titles are now active and available in Library OneSearch.

The titles are identifiable by the ‘Electronic local note’ indicator text: “This eBook is part of the eBrary PDA collection – but not yet purchased” (the thumbnail below is a link to a full size illustration).

An eBrary PDA title in Library OneSearch

As eBrary informs LLR of purchases made through PDA, this text will be updated at the individual title level to indicate that this eBook has been purchased outright.

eBrary eBook access problem

Access to eBook content on the eBrary platform is currently unavailable, due to a technical problem preventing successful login to the service. Requests to access eBrary from either eSearch or from the Library Catalogue resolve to the following error (after an attempted login).

Your identity provider didn’t return the attributes required to log into eBrary.

We are working with colleagues in IS and in the eBrary technical support team to identify the cause of the problem, and the remedial action required to correct it.

A further update will follow once access has been restored.

eBrary – Academic Complete records withdrawn from the Library Catalogue

Following the previously announced changes to LLR’s subscription to eBook content on the eBrary platform, all of the individual eBook records for all titles in the eBrary Academic Complete collection have now been withdrawn from the Library Catalogue. The remaining eBrary eBook records in the OPAC are for the titles within the new eBrary Custom Collection (which LLR is building in preference to the Academic Complete collection).

eBrary – access problems resolved

eBrary’s technical team report that the issue affecting access to eBook content on the platform (25 January) has now been resolved, and all relevant content should now be accessible once again. Please contact eServices it you encounter any further problems with access.

eBrary – access problems affecting eBook content

eBrary’s technical team is working to resolve a problem which is causing access problems to eBook titles on the eBrary platform.

Some customers clicking on links to eBrary eBook titles in the Library Catalogue will see their browser resolve to the eBrary site with the following error message:

The URL entered or pasted is not one we recognize. If you copied and pasted the URL to get here, please double check the format. Make sure all the terms are there and that the URL contains no spaces or return characters.

Not all requests result in the error, and eBrary’s technicians currently believe that the Internet Explorer browser in more susceptible to the problem than Firefox – and recommend trying the Firefox browser in preference (though this will not guarantee successful access).

A further update will follow once eBrary’s technical team has confirmed that the problem has been resolved.

eBrary – changes to collection content from February 2010

Libraries and Learning Resources’ subscription to the Academic Complete collection of eBooks on the eBrary platform concludes at the end of January.

Rather than subscribing to this package of 30K+ titles (not all of which were well used by staff and students) the Academic Liaison Team has identified a sub-set of several hundred key titles from within the collection which LLR wishes to offer continuing access to.

Access to these titles, from 1 Feburary 2010, have now been arranged with eBrary through a new Custom Collection put together for LLR. Titles in the eBrary Custom collection are grouped into three types:

* Multi-user access – perpetual: LLR has bought these titles outright, in perpetuity. There is no limit to the number of customers who may access these titles at any one time.

* Single-user access – perpetual: LLR has bought these titles outright, in perpetuity. Only one customer may access these titles at any one time.

* Multi-user access – rental: LLR has subscribed to these titles. There is no limit to the number of customers who may access these titles at any one time. Continuing access to these titles is dependent on LLR maintaining a subscription.

New records have been added to ALEPH for all of the eBrary Custom Collection titles. Before the end of the next week (when LLR’s subscription to the eBrary Academic Complete collection expires) all of the eBrary Academic Complete catalogue records will be removed from ALEPH. Until then, duplicate catalogue records will appear for those eBrary titles which are in both the Academic Complete and Custom collections.

When reviewing an individual eBrary catalogue record within the OPAC, LLR staff can identify the type of eBrary eBook they are looking at, as follows:

In the Full View of Record, click on the MARC tags option (see illustration below):

In the 900 field of the MARC record, a description of the eBrary collection to which the title belongs is provided:

All eBrary catalogue records containing the description ‘This eBook is part of the eBrary Academic Complete subscription‘ will be withdrawn (see illustration below):

All eBrary catalogue records containing one of the three descriptions below will be retained:

If you’ve any questions about the changes to eBrary content, please contact Acquisitions Manager Paul Tomlinson. If you’ve any technical questions about the transition to the new collection, please contact Lib eServices.

A further update will be provided next week when all of the eBrary Academic Complete collection records have been withdrawn from ALEPH.

eBrary eBook platform – access problems resolved

The access problems affecting the eBrary eBook platform (reported on Tuesday 8 December) have now been fully resolved. eBrary’s technicians were able to resolve most of the access issues later the same day, though some secondary problems persisted. This morning, eBrary were able to confirm that all remaining access issues had been dealt with and the service was fully operational once again.

eBrary eBook collection unavailable

The eBrary eBook web site is currently unavailable. Requests to all eBrary titles through the Library Catalogue, or to the eBrary platform itself through eSearch, are returning the following error:

Our site is unavailable at the moment
We are installing improvements to our service.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please check back later.

This is not a scheduled downtime, but a loss of service which eBrary anticipate that they will be able to correct shortly.

A further update will follow once eBrary have confirmed that access to the service has been restored.